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im a little teapot...

dude i love you

can you realy die liek that

its about poo you idiots
i not sure who the guy with the smokes idea is tho :l

hey that was great

animation yey
music yey
sytlle yey
it was good but i dont htink you should bring children into it
dun wanna sound like a bringdown or owt :(

yes!!! david for pope!!!

dude i knew tehre would b another
n this one is so damn goood!!!!1 n luckily for me i got to it when you put it on the portal
dun worry itl b front page soooooon
chalki -i live near you :D so im your CLOSEST (and biggest) fan!!!!!

errrr no sorry

imagine a world....
with stupid hair....
no storyline.....
people that are cops and can fly for some reason.....
that flash purple in the middle of the desert......
oh wait you allready made it
damn :(

C-and-S responds:

Any other person would go agains this kind of reveiw but I did make it really corny.

oh my sweet jesus on a stick!!!!!!

omffffffg this is soooo goooood jeesus ur like flash jeesus and jesus is in the film :D yey and it was so smooth n that guy was havin a pooo yey its was nearly flawless buttttttt was perfect but the end was a bit of an anti climax

stilll vvvvvcoool and should stay at top of high scores for eeeeever!!!!


tha wur mint

is it just me or is there no sound?!?!?!?

i sorry to like complain or owt
i cant hear the sound i put my volume up and everything
don worry its probably just me but erm just in case?
-it looks good tho- lol

Digital-Spawn responds:

Yes, there is definately sound. Look at all the reviews before you. They all gave me a sound rating...

its ok! your mean otislord

your such a titwank otis this is ok the jokes are at least clean and basicly you suck otislord this guy/gurl tried something it kinda worked you dont see him bein a phetus to your work you shudnt b mean to anims unless they are like ott blammable ok im babling os cya

the moral dont b gay at rating :D -chalki

i wish i had 50 llamas altho they do spit

yeah i think i laughed so hard so so so damn hard then i stopped
i mean this is one kick a hole animation but unfortunalty this isnt one of those that ppl are gonna talk bout at work/school/hospital
i reeeeeeeeeee-ealy want to see a new one of those liek maddness or you kicked my dog or end of the world wait im rambling er yeah

sweet it twas

got a devils haircut

david white @chalki

28, Male

shit stirrer

pretty much hell

england -god bless-

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