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this isnt a tutorial

it doesnt explain the code
it just gives you codes
if anything its an AS cheat page

hell we dont even know if you know how to make the code
you may have just copied and pasted like you expect us to,

ZiggyZack99 responds:

flip jooo

balls did you not know about the original game

thats a load of arse, the worm looks to similar
the game concept is exactly the same
the birds
the people
the controlls are piss poor in this version though.
its to similar for it to be an accident
hell you even named it the same

BUT you recreated it very well in flash
ill let you off.

I-smel responds:

I DID know about the original Deathworm.

full of pedophiles :l

i quick sign in using my newgrounds
first thing i see is 'guest6' asking how old i am
so im like yeah pedophile much?
but i told them i was 17 cause i wanted to move on and play some golf
then there like asl? so i go ffs smelly pedo lets just play the game and not meet up in the park alone

so then heshe gets alil pissed off and starts grooming another teenager
makes up a stupid name like jennifer whitbreads
so i go
dont listen to them hes called phill!!

to which i got 'no im a girl'

i went suuuuuure you are
so the plans 'the park alone and youll meet me with a tedddybear and some lube?'

then they swore and said pussy a few times.

pretty sure he was called phill age 60 lived with mother and stank of cheese.

never got a game :'(

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wasnt even born ^_^

cant wait till the current one
was fun putting random shit into the spaces tho

thanks :D

i know this will get blamed

and i allso blammed stick madness

becasue they were
they werent that good basicly
but dont give up
jus practise
and try to move away form sticks

they make your work look poor even if its a good movie

keep trying.

loved it

you deserved that award.
your flash is gonna help me make my movie ^^


i noticed u havent made ANY flashes so shush
this game rocks btw

nice game

i fineshed it first time
so its not to hard
but you have to be strategic
and upgrade like crazy
good game dude


lol sweet dude but i blew all my money on bannans n he isnt string enuf to do tounament we need a way to make money :'(

oh and the music all of it came from hell

i love you

omg wow this helps so much :D
and to the guy before
there is no such thing as a good stickmation

someone get this on front page again :D

got a devils haircut

david white @chalki

27, Male

shit stirrer

pretty much hell

england -god bless-


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